Gooseneck Antennas

High-performance radiating solutions with flexible goosenecks that allow the user to adjust antenna orientation.

Wearable Antennas

The most electromagnetically efficient wearable antennas available, featuring our patented wearable and Flextenna® technologies.

Peel & Stick Antennas

Flexible, ultra-thin conformal antennas with adhesive backing allowing rapid installation on any shape or contour.

Fixed Base Omni Antennas

Ruggedized omni-directional in azimuth antennas that can either be directly connected to the radio or remotely via cable.

UAV Blade Antennas

Blade antennas with integrated ground planes optimized for low weight, aerodynamics, and electromagnetic performance.

RF over Fiber

High-performance fiber optic antenna remoting links that support RF frequencies from VHF to the millimeter wave band.

Directional Panel Antennas

High-gain antennas with broadside radiation patterns packaged in compact, low profile enclosures.

Covert and Vehicle Antennas

High-performance small antennas for tactical and covert vehicle applications, including stealthy concealment in vehicle OEM features.

Spring Antennas

High-performance radiating solutions with a spring base that allows the antenna to return to the vertical position on a radio after impact.

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