Industry-Leading Innovations

Difficult-to-solve communications problems require a deep understanding of antennas, photonics, and RF communication technologies and the real-world capabilities and constraints of each. Using innovative technologies, materials, and design techniques, experts in custom antenna design and RF over Fiber solutions from Octane Wireless translate previously insurmountable challenges into breakthrough, realizable custom designs.

Attentive Design, Efficient Production

Our team of engineers work alongside system integrators and wireless communications technical teams to develop a vast range of highly-efficient broadband antennas and RF over Fiber products that address each project’s distinct requirements. Products are developed and evaluated onsite in our state-of-the-art labs and test facilities, ensuring that quality and performance integrity remain intact from initial concept to final delivery.

Efficient Radiators and RF over Fiber Links for a Range of Unique Applications and Platforms

Partner with Octane Wireless to develop novel, difficult-to-engineer antenna and microwave photonic technology solutions for your demanding operational environment.

Large bandwidths

Innovative materials

Low-observable/covert antennas

Optimized antenna remoting link performance

Unique form factors

Non-planar surface integration

What’s New at Octane Wireless

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