Pharad’s VP of Engineering Dr Dalma Novak to Give Short Course at OFC 2014

Hanover, MD — January 31, 2014– Dalma Novak, VP of Engineering at Pharad and the new President of the IEEE Photonics Society, will be giving a short course at the 2014 OFC/NFOEC Conference in San Francisco, CA in March.

SC217 The Application of Photonic Links in Wireless Communications

Date: Sunday, March 9, 2014

Instructor: Dalma Novak, PhD

Course Description: The convergence of optical and wireless networks continues to evolve, ever since the first proposals of extending wireless coverage areas using optical fiber feeder links several decades ago. Today the use of photonic links for the transport and distribution of radio signals in wireless networks is becoming ever increasingly pervasive. Applications where such converged optical/wireless network technology is employed include backhaul solutions for mobile networks; indoor distributed antenna systems; as well as integrated fixed and mobile broadband and ultrabroadband networks capable of providing users with very high bandwidth services. This short course presents an overview of the application of photonic links in wireless communication networks. The associated system architectures and signal transport technologies that enable the implementation of integrated wireless and wireline (optical) networks will be discussed. The various technical challenges and issues that must be addressed for the successful integration of these networks, which encompass very different requirements and specifications, will also be presented. Topics to be covered include:

• Integrated optical/wireless network architectures
• Requirements and challenges for the development of integrated optical/wireless networks
• Relevant technologies and implementation approaches
• Emerging concepts

Benefits and Learning Objectives: This course should enable participants to:

• Understand the motivation for the integration of wireless communication systems with optical fiber networks;
• Identify the technical challenges related to the application of photonics and optical networking concepts to wireless communications;
• Understand and compare physical layer technologies that enable the integration of wireless and optical networks;
• Identify technologies that can improve the performance of integrated optical and wireless networks;
• Establish the trade-offs with alternative integrated network architectures

Intended Audience: This is an advanced beginner course for people working in telecommunication related areas (either optical or wireless networks) who wish to broaden their knowledge and learn how optical networks are being integrated with wireless communications or find out the current status of this multidisciplinary field.

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