Pharad Releases Tactical Gooseneck Antennas

GLEN BURNIE, MD – 07/06/11 – Pharad, LLC, introduced a full series of tactical gooseneck antennas today. The seven new antenna models provide operational bandwidths from 800 to 6000 MHz. The Pharad gooseneck antenna’s flexible mount design allows users to adjust the antenna position for maximum comfort and link performance and provides flexible decoupling of the rigid antenna element from the radio/electronics attachment. These new antennas are completely passive, include no loading elements, and require no tuning or adjustments.

“With the launch of our gooseneck antenna line, Pharad complements our wearable antenna product portfolio and further strengthens our offering of antennas for man portable applications,” said company president Austin Farnham. “The gooseneck antenna design not only helps us meet the demands of our customers, but also meets the ever increasing demands of the field.”

Pharad’s gooseneck products support a diverse range of applications including communications, signal intelligence, and electronic warfare applications. Our gooseneck antenna products include broadband omni-directional antennas, antennas for GSM, WLAN, and UAV communications, and gooseneck extensions that adapt your existing rigid antennas into a flexible, user friendly antenna configuration.

In addition to the seven new antennas, Pharad offers custom engineered solutions that meet your exact specifications. Pharad offers antennas with various mounting configurations, alternate RF connectors, and can even supply multiple radiator elements within a single housing. Custom antennas can be engineered to specific radiation requirements as may be required for dismounted electronic warfare applications, ground to ground communications, or ground to air communications.

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