Pharad Releases High Performance VHF to UHF Tactical Gooseneck Antenna for Small Form Factor Radios

Hanover, MD – October 6, 2014 – Pharad, LLC released a new high performance 225 – 1850 MHz tactical gooseneck antenna for small form factor radios such as the latest Rifleman Radios. This small antenna supports radio operation for all bands above 225 MHz, thereby eliminating the need for multiple gooseneck antennas. The VHF to UHF antenna is the newest addition to Pharad’s growing line of gooseneck antenna assemblies. It joins Pharad’s portfolio of antennas, including wearable antennas and peel and stick applique antennas, that can be integrated with small form factor radios operating from 225 MHz and higher.

Pharad’s newest gooseneck antenna is less than eleven inches tall and only half an inch in diameter. The user can bend the antenna into a preferred orientation for maximum comfort and link performance and the antenna’s flexible gooseneck will hold its angular position up to 90 degrees.

“We’re very excited about our latest gooseneck antenna, suitable for the Rifleman Radio,” Rod Waterhouse, CTO of Pharad said. “To create the physically small, broadband antenna we combined several strategies. We utilized size reduction concepts incorporated in cellular phone antennas as well as an integrated matching procedure developed through a DARPA program to provide an efficient solution that can cover all the Rifleman bands. Naturally that is only half the design, we then had to make the solution robust. At Pharad we have been making fielded gooseneck antennas for the past decade and so we incorporated these well-tested practices into our final design. We believe this new product provides a better solution for the user than what is presently available.”

In addition to the newly released small form factor radio gooseneck antenna, Pharad offers custom engineered solutions that meet specific customer requirements. Pharad offers antennas with various mounting configurations, other RF connectors, and can even supply multiple radiator elements within a single small housing of a gooseneck antenna assembly.

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