Pharad Introduces UWB Radar Antennas for Automotive and Health Care Applications

Hanover, MD – Pharad has announced new offerings of high performance Peel & Stick antennas optimized for Ultra-Wideband (UWB) Radar applications. Advancements in UWB transceivers have spurred a growth in the development of new UWB sensing and positioning products. These new UWB enabled devices are used in the automotive industry, allowing the safe wireless charging of electric vehicles, and in the health care industry, where they support the sensing and monitoring of patient respiratory patterns. Until now, the UWB antenna solutions that have been readily available have prevented UWB transceivers from operating at their full potential. The new Pharad UWB radar optimized antennas, which have similarly sized footprints, eliminate the impairment of legacy UWB antenna technology and have been shown to substantially improve the performance of these systems. The Pharad Peel & Stick UWB Radar antennas have been designed to support products that are manufactured in substantial volume. The simplicity of installing the Pharad UWB radar antennas allows production personnel to quickly mount the antennas into UWB device housings and then reliably connect to the UWB device electronics.

“Our health care and automotive customers challenged us to develop a better performing UWB radiating solution for these high volume, mass market devices,” said Austin Farnham, President of Pharad. “We originally designed UWB antenna products for military and defense applications, incorporating our patented Flextenna® flexible antenna technology. The auto industry and medical device industry required the same performance that we have been able to achieve for our defense customers, but in a form factor that supported large, high volume manufacturing operations. Starting with our ruggedized military grade UWB radiator technology, we used our expertise in electromagnetics to develop highly efficient UWB radar antennas that support the manufacturing paradigm of these new UWB Radar devices. Our new small UWB antennas are in a simple Peel, Stick and Connect package that simplifies the assembly of UWB Radar devices while providing a high performance radiating solution.”

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