Pharad Introduces New Family of Directive Wearable Antennas

Glen Burnie, MD – January 18, 2013- Pharad, the industry’s leading supplier of wearable antennas, has expanded its wearable antenna line with a series of enhanced gain, directive antennas.

The new enhanced gain, directive antennas offer extended coverage and increased performance in the Dual-band WLAN, C-band, and UWB frequency ranges. Consistent with Pharad’s wearable antenna line, the antennas are small, lightweight, unobtrusive, and feature Pharad’s patented Flextenna technology, providing flexibility to conform to the body and flex with body movement.

“Although we originally developed these antennas in response to specific customer requirements, the market’s demand for directive wearable antenna solutions has led to our decision to offer them as standard commercial-off-the-shelf products,” said Austin Farnham, President of Pharad. “Being only a few weeks into the quarter, we have already seen our sales of wearable antennas grow significantly.”

Pharad’s newest wearable antennas are being sold under the following model numbers: BW-2400-6000, BW-5200-5900, and BW-3000-10000-EG.

Press Contact:
Laura Sparks
Marketing and Sales Associate

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