Pharad Introduces ISM Stub Antenna for UAV and Drone Applications

Hanover, MD – Pharad has introduced a new 900 MHz ISM stub antenna to complement its other ISM antennas for UAV/Drone applications. The Pharad line of stub antennas are field proven radiating solutions for both UAV controllers and devices. The newly released stub antenna adds another 900 MHz optimized radiating solution to Pharad’s expansive UAV antenna product offering.

“Our discussions with industry partners revealed an unmet need requiring high performing stub antennas for the 900 MHz ISM band.”, said Pharad President Austin Farnham. “While we already offered UAV antennas that operated in this band as well as antennas optimized for other ISM bands, our customers were looking for antennas with a stub form factor for 900 MHz ISM operation. The adoption of commercial ISM radio links for UAV and drone operations is driving the need for better performing antennas to get the most out of these unmanned platforms. The Pharad UAV antenna solutions help maximize the range, persistence, data rate and lifetime of these vehicles.”

Pharad’s UAV and drone antennas are designed and manufactured in the USA and operate over the frequency ranges of 30 MHz to 10 GHz. The stub antennas are suitable for both hand-held controllers and low speed UAVs and drones, particularly rotocopters.

Press Contact:
Austin Farnham

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