Pharad Expands Covert Vehicle Antenna Offering with a Flexible Cut to Tune Antenna

Tampa, FL – Pharad is exhibiting its new ‘cut-to-tune’ antenna for covert vehicle installations at the upcoming SOFIC 2016. The VHF to UHF antenna can be tuned by the user to most police, public safety, and push to talk radios operating from 130 MHz to 550 MHz. The tunable cut lengths are indicated directly on the flexible radiating element for easy user tuning with a pair of scissors. The thin radiating element includes a paper lined adhesive backing allowing the user to covertly install the antenna and adhere the radiator behind window tinting or plastic bumper covers, fascias, or exterior trim for automobiles.

“Our customers are essentially an extension of our market research department and help drive new product development,” said Pharad President Austin Farnham. “Our military and public safety customers are increasingly operating in unmarked and standard passenger vehicles and require covert antennas that can ensure reliable communications without compromising the stealthiness of the vehicle. We have been building custom covert antennas into OEM vehicle features for many years, but the integration of these antennas into the vehicle sometimes requires installation capabilities not available in the field. The Pharad designed antenna that we are now introducing allows for easy installation by the user; there is really nothing more simple than our new cut-to-tune, peel and stick antenna. A pair of scissors or a knife is all that is required by the user who cuts the antenna on a predetermined cut line that matches the required radio frequency, and then peels a paper lining from the antenna and sticks it on the vehicle.”

Pharad’s newest Cut-to-Tune antenna is included under Pharad’s covert antenna offerings listed on the Pharad website: Pharad is a leading supplier and manufacturer of small covert antennas for public safety and military applications.

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Austin Farnham

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