Pharad Develops Photonic Cross-Connect to Expand its RF over Fiber Product Capabilities

Pharad unveiled its PXC-0404 Photonic Cross-Connect today, a four channel optical switching module that interfaces with Pharad’s high performance RF Photonic Transceivers and supports the low loss routing, switching and distribution of multiple RF over fiber signals. The introduction of the Photonic Cross-Connect creates a new capability for Pharad’s existing line of RF over Fiber products.

The Photonic Cross-Connect replaces conventional RF switches for the routing of RF signals to different locations and enables dynamic reconfiguration of the RF photonic links. In addition, the new product operates independently of the frequencies of the RF signals being transported over fiber. Any of four input optical signals carrying RF signals can be switched to any of four output ports, as required in a particular application.

“The launch of the Photonic Cross-Connect not only expands our offering of RF over fiber products, but adds a unique dynamic routing/switching capability that is also low loss. It is ideal for antenna remoting applications where optical fiber is used to create low loss connections between antennas and receivers”, said Austin Farnham, President of Pharad.

In addition to providing real time creation and reconfiguration of the photonic signal paths, the Photonic Cross-Connect includes continuous optical power monitoring to ensure reliable operation of the entire system. It features low power consumption, millisecond switching time and provides extremely reliable optical performance.

Press Contact:
Laura Sargent
Marketing and Sales Associate

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