Pharad Develops New Line of Covert Shark Fin Antennas

Hanover, MD – Pharad, a leading supplier and manufacturer of small covert antennas for public safety and military applications, has developed a comprehensive line of covert shark fin antennas for stealthy installation on passenger vehicles and SUVs. These antennas are incorporated into shark fin housings that are indistinguishable from OEM shark fin automobile radio antennas. The new Pharad antenna product line includes high performance VHF, UHF, L-, S, and C-band antenna models. They are meant to interoperate with radios used in law enforcement, public safety, and covert military applications.

“For the better part of a decade we have been selling covert antennas to police and military customers needing to incorporate low visibility radiators into unmarked civilian vehicles.”, said Pharad President Austin Farnham. “The thousands of installations using our roof rack, peel & stick, and other custom covert antennas have given us great insight into the needs of this community. Based on customer interest, Pharad has invested the engineering resources to leverage our proprietary Flextenna™ technology and develop highly efficient radiating solutions that can be quickly installed on a vehicle. This new portfolio of antennas includes probably the smallest, highest performing broadband VHF antenna ever offered for public sale in a tiny shark fin antenna housing.”

Pharad’s shark fin antenna products can be configured for almost any vehicle/radio combination. The antennas come standard with a ten-foot coaxial cable terminated with SMA, BNC, TNC, or other connector of a customer’s choice. The shark fin antennas are normally epoxied to the roof of a vehicle, however Pharad also offers optional magnetic or magmount models featuring rare earth magnets that ensure strong adhesion to the vehicle roof even at high speeds. The complete line of commercial off the shelf antennas can be found on Pharad’s website: Custom shark fin antennas are available on request.

Press Contact:
Austin Farnham

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