Pharad Develops New, Innovative Paintable Antenna System

Glen Burnie, MD – January 9, 2013- Pharad once again is at the forefront of innovative antenna solutions with the introduction of their new, state-of-the-art paintable antenna system. In response to industry demands for an economical paintable antenna whose installation can be easily replicated by users without significant skill or training, Pharad has designed, successfully tested, and begun the production of paintable antenna system kits. These complete kits include everything required to realize a variety of paint-on antenna solutions: the conductor spray paint, the prep and finish spray paint, universal feed sections, an assortment of radiator stencils, and installation instructions including a DVD.

Pharad’s paintable antenna system can be easily applied to many different surfaces, including brick, wood, plastic, and dry-wall. Importantly, many antennas can be produced from a single can of the supplied paint, thereby lowering the overall cost of this unique radiator solution. The kit contents and installation instructions are simple and no special training is required to construct the antennas.

“We started looking at paintable antennas over a year ago,” said Dr. Rod Waterhouse, CTO of Pharad. “After developing our ultra-thin Peel & Stick Appliqué Antennass we wanted to consider all the alternative technologies. Once the performance of our paintable antennas was verified as being satisfactory, we developed procedures that improved their robustness and ease of installation. Our resulting paint-on antenna solution is very easy to use and allows an efficient antenna to be put on any surface, with the exception of metal of course; unfortunately we can’t break the laws of physics.”

Currently Pharad includes three different frequency ranges within their paintable antenna system kits: 350 – 450 MHz, 800 – 6000 MHz, and 1700 – 6000 MHz.

Press Contact:
Laura Sparks
Marketing and Sales Associate

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