Pharad Debuts Two New Classes of Mini UAV Antennas

Glen Burnie, MD – 09/15/11–Pharad, LLC introduced two new classes of lightweight, broadband antennas for use on mini/small UAVs. The newly released blade-shaped antennas and appliqué antennas add to Pharad’s expansive commercial off-the-shelf antenna collection.

With the release of the octane® mini UAV antennas, Pharad now offers the highest performing lightweight broadband antennas available that can be used on either metal or composite constructed small UAVs. No other lightweight UAV antenna provides a single solution for such a variety of UAV platforms and communications equipment.

“Pharad’s wideband antenna technology was the inspiration for the development of our first generation of mini UAV antennas,” Pharad President Austin Farnham said. “Unlike our competitors, our new blade antennas were purpose built for mini UAVs and optimized to provide highly efficient radiating solutions from UHF to C-band, in a small package weighing as little as 18 grams. Importantly too, the blades operate efficiently independent of the mounting environment, whether the fuselage is metal or non-metallic. The beauty of our new appliqué antenna line is its simplicity; the antenna is easily affixed to the UAV by an adhesive.”

The present versions of Pharad’s new mini UAV antennas operate over the frequency ranges of 800 to 6000 MHz, although narrowband solutions of the appliqué antenna near 400 MHz are also available. The appliqué antennas are suitable for non-carbon fiber composite UAVs such as those constructed of fiberglass, Kevlar, or polypropylene; common materials for small UAVs.

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