Pharad at Forefront of LTE Antenna Innovation with Development of LTE Wearable Antenna

Hanover, MD – August 5, 2013- Pharad unveiled today their new Long-Term Evolution (LTE) Wearable Antenna, the latest addition to their patented wearable antenna product line. With the massive investment in LTE networks by wireless service providers, mobile device developers are beginning to build body worn LTE enabled devices. To operate over such a large frequency band and provide link performance when worn, these LTE devices require new, purpose-built wearable antennas.

Pharad’s LTE wearable antenna is the ideal antenna for almost any wearable cellular communication application as well as military communications over the 700 – 3000 MHz band. The lightweight, flexible, unobtrusive and waterproof design of Pharad’s wearable antenna technology provides a rugged antenna solution for wearable applications and weighs only 2 oz.

“Our innovative high-performing LTE wearable antenna is the first of its kind,” said Pharad President Austin Farnham. “Our customer base has been developing new LTE wireless devices and, as the industry leading supplier of wearable antennas, has come to us to deliver the best antenna solution. We have found that non-traditional cellular network users are leveraging the LTE networks built by the wireless service providers. The public safety sector is looking to take advantage of the large LTE infrastructure and is moving toward more integrated wearable communications devices. Our LTE wearable antenna provides both the reliability and performance required by these demanding customers.”

Pharad’s newest wearable antenna is being sold under Model number BW-700-3000. For more information, visit: Pharad is the leading supplier and manufacturer of wearable antennas in the world. Pharad currently offers 25 COTS models of wearable antennas for HF to UWB applications.

Press Contact:
Laura Sparks
Business Development Associate

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