Pharad Announces New UHF Directive Wearable Antenna

Hanover, MD – March 9, 2016- Pharad has developed new wearable antenna technology that provides highly directive antenna patterns for electrically small wearable antennas. Pharad’s first product incorporating this unique technology is a 300 MHz wearable antenna that provides an unprecedented 4 dBi of passive antenna gain at low UHF in a compact wearable antenna package. This technology is ideal for applications such as direction finding and certain UHF communications that require more gain than was previously able to be delivered by Pharad’s existing wearable antennas..

“This antenna was designed specifically to maximize the directivity of a body wearable solution within the mobile, wireless, and satellite bands near 300 MHz,” Dr Rod Waterhouse, CTO of Pharad said. “Obviously to create a low profile antenna with some directivity when mounted in this environment is quite challenging. Here we took advantage of the narrow bandwidth requirement which allowed us to use procedures we had successfully pioneered years ago to provide highly efficient, electrically small antennas. Of course that’s only half the problem; we then needed to develop a robust version. Since we’ve been successfully creating body wearable antenna solutions for the last decade, we were in a perfect position to address this challenge. It wasn’t too difficult to leverage these fabrication techniques and procedures to ensure we developed the optimal solution.”

Pharad’s newest UHF wearable antenna is being sold under Model number BW-299-313. For more information, visit:

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