Mini-Gooseneck Antennas for Light Weight Applications

Tampa, FL – Today at SOFIC, Pharad announced the launch of a new family of small, affordable gooseneck antennas for stationary and small handheld radio use. The gooseneck base allows the antenna to be positioned +/- 90 degrees from the normal axis of the mating connector and a full 360 degrees about the axis. These smallest and lightest gooseneck antennas in the industry incorporate Pharad’s proprietary efficient radiator technology that provides extraordinary link range performance in small form factor antennas.

“We found that many of our customers who incorporated our existing line of tactical gooseneck antennas into their equipment suites realized that they were attaining unparalleled link ranges with our antennas and began to use our tactical gooseneck antennas in non-tactical links, just to improve their link performance,” said Austin Farnham, President of Pharad. “As a result, we decided to develop an extremely small version of gooseneck antennas for these light weight applications. At just over 5 inches long, there is no another company that offers a full line of small gooseneck antennas that operate from UHF to X-band.”

These new Pharad Mini-Gooseneck antennas complement one of the most comprehensive offerings of tactical gooseneck antennas with application specific antennas available for MIMO, MANET, GSM/LTE, ISM, WiFi, and UWB radios, bases stations and access points.

Press Contact:
Austin Farnham

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