Pharad Adds New Communications Bands to its Line of Covert Shark Fin Antennas

Hanover, MD – In response to many Pharad customers attending the National Technical Investigators’ Association (NATIA) conference this week in Tampa, the company is introducing new additions to its range of innovative covert shark fin antennas. A leading supplier and manufacturer of small covert antennas for public safety and military applications, Pharad’s line of covert shark fin antennas now includes five models covering VHF through C-band communication applications. These antennas include shark fin housings that are indistinguishable from OEM shark fin automobile radio antennas and support operation with radios and equipment used by law enforcement, public safety, and covert military users

“We have been pleased with the popularity and the adoption rate of our covert shark fin antennas by the law enforcement community,” said Pharad President Austin Farnham. “These customers have also asked us to provide extended capabilities and supply shark fin antennas with enhanced performance in the VHF law enforcement bands while also covering worldwide cellular bands. Our engineers have incorporated proprietary techniques into these designs to deliver previously unattainable radiating efficiency in these electrically small antennas. Also, by offering customizable connector and mounting solutions, we have been able to provide our customers with turn key antenna solutions that can be easily installed in the operator’s vehicle.”

Pharad’s covert shark fin antenna products can be configured for almost any vehicle/radio combination. The standard configuration antennas are supplied with a ten-foot coaxial cable terminated with either an SMA, BNC, TNC, Mini-UHF, or any other connector of a customer’s choosing. The shark fin antennas are typically epoxied to the roof of a vehicle, however Pharad also offers optional magnetic or magmount models featuring rare earth magnets that ensure strong adhesion to the vehicle roof even at high speeds. The complete line of Pharad’s commercial off the shelf covert shark fin antennas can be found at Custom shark fin antennas are also available upon request.

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Austin Farnham

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