Pharad Announces New Tactical UHF to C-band Gooseneck Antenna

Paris, FR – Today at Eurosatory, Pharad announced a new gooseneck antenna that operates over the UHF to C-band frequency range. The gooseneck antenna offers performance from 400 MHz to 6 GHz in a compact form factor with a flexible gooseneck base. This gooseneck feature decouples the RF connector from the main radiating element and allows the antenna to be adjusted to any position in the upper hemisphere above the connector.

“Our customers were using multiple antennas to provide coverage over more than an octave of bandwidth and requested a design for an antenna that operated over the full frequency range while holding its radiation performance across the full band.” said Austin Farnham, President of Pharad. “Our engineers have developed proprietary techniques to control radiation patterns over larger bandwidths. This antenna put that technology to the test, as no other company has been able to maintain radiation performance in a single feed antenna over UHF to C-band. These antennas have now been deployed into tactical environments and proven to out-perform other antenna solutions, so we now offer them as an off the shelf product.”

This new Pharad gooseneck antenna complements one of the most comprehensive flexible gooseneck antenna offerings in the industry, with application specific antennas optimized and available from UHF to the X-band.

Press Contact:
Austin Farnham

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