Advanced Gooseneck Antennas Offer Broadband Support for Video Piloting of UAVs

London, UK – Today at DSEI, Pharad announced two new gooseneck antennas that offer unprecedented link range performance for UAV and drone video piloting applications. The first gooseneck antenna model MP-1150-1550 operates in the L-band and offers more than 6 dBi of omnidirectional gain over most of the 1150-1550 MHz band. The second gooseneck antenna provides similar performance over much of the mid C-band, and operates from 4400-5900 MHz. This antenna model MP-4400-5900-EG antenna replaces Pharad’s previous C-band gooseneck antenna with a lower cost radiating solution for real-time, Full-Motion Video (FMV) situational awareness applications and 5.8 GHz ISM, WiFi, and First-Person Video (FPV) applications.

“Our engineering team really dominates the innovation in UAV link performance improvements through antenna technology,” said Austin Farnham, President of Pharad. “Our customers come to us with extraordinarily challenging electromagnetic performance requests, but our research and engineering staff continue to realize and develop outstanding antenna designs. Over the years, our team has developed proprietary techniques to improve broadband link performance and miniaturize the antenna form factors. For instance, no other antenna company or L-band antenna on the market provides over 6 dBi of gain over such a broad spectrum in the L-band. Both of these two new antennas have been deployed by our customers and effectively double the operating range of their UAVs, which increases the footprint of UAV coverage by over 400 percent.”

These new Pharad gooseneck antennas complement one of the most comprehensive flexible gooseneck antenna offerings in the industry, with application specific antennas available from UHF to the C-band. More information on Pharad’s newest gooseneck antennas can be found on our website.

Press Contact:
Austin Farnham

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