March 3, 2020

7 Experts Forecast What’s Coming for 5G in 2020

Rod Waterhouse, CTO of Octane Wireless and Co-chair of the IEEE Future Networks Publications Working Group, was recently invited to give his thoughts on what is to come in 5G networks in 2020.  This is what he said:

2020 promises to be a very exciting and important year for 5G and future networks.  We will definitely see more and more roll out and therefore penetration of the lower spectrum (less than 6 GHz) 5G network throughout the world. Associated with this we will see more debate on the health-related aspects of small cell architectures, whether the debate is founded in science or not.  On the research and development side of things, we will see further, exciting activity in the realization of millimeter-wave technology for handsets and access points, and by the year’s end we should be in a better position to see if and when 5G+ (the true incorporation of mm-waves into the mobile network) becomes a reality.  Areas of interest to watch over the next 12 months include the role of satellites in future networks, the ramping up of vehicle to X (V2X), the realization of virtual medical care and also efficient technology and protocols for the interface between the backbone and mobile networks.  All could be crucial to the success of future networks.

More information can be found at the IEEE Future Networks website:

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