Pharad’s Peel & Stick Antenna Technology Now Offered for Redeployable Applications

Due to the popularity of the recently introduced Peel & Stick Appliqué antennas, Pharad has expanded the product’s capabilities to offer a redeployable option. With this option, we provide users the ability to re-use and move the antenna. Pharad had originally offered the Peel & Stick Appliqué antennas with a durable one-time use pressure sensitive adhesive on one side of the radiator. The permanent adhesion provides an ideal solution for UAV or other applications where the antenna needs to be permanently positioned on its platform.

“While we will continue to offer our permanent adhesion with our Peel & Stick Appliqué antennas, we are excited to respond to the overwhelming need of redeployable solutions in the industry,” said Pharad President Austin Farnham. “With this option, customers can re-use the antenna, moving it from one platform to another. We have tested the antennas on the outside of buildings, car windows, and on other non-metallic materials.”

Pharad’s Peel & Stick Appliqué antennas provide a high quality radiating solution, while still being nearly as thin as a piece of paper (less than 10 mils thick) and also very lightweight; weighing less than 1 oz. The antennas are suitable for non-metallic and non-carbon fiber composite surfaces such as those constructed of fiberglass, Kevlar, or polypropylene; materials commonly for small UAVs. Pharad offers nine models of the ultra-thin antennas which cover the multi-band frequency range of 350 – 6000 MHz.

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Laura Sparks
Marketing and Sales Associate

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