Pharad’s New Magnetically Mounted Vehicle Antenna Provides Quick Attachment and Wideband Performance

GLEN BURNIE, MD – 11/01/11 – Pharad, LLC introduced their first magnetic mount vehicle antenna today that provides L-band, S-band, and C-band operation in a single small form factor antenna.  This new addition to the company’s vehicle antenna line incorporates a magnetic base which allows the antenna to be quickly mounted on the vehicle.

“For applications requiring the quick outfit of a vehicle with communications hardware, Pharad’s magnetically mounted antennas are the best solution,” Pharad President Austin Farnham said. “Users can easily attach the small, lightweight antenna on any vehicle to which they have access, and be on their way; quick and simple.  No more need for a specially equipped vehicle.  Additionally, the wide operational bandwidth enables a variety of hardware to operate with just this single antenna, minimizing stocking requirements of our customers.”

The antenna provides omni-directional coverage from 1600 to 5900 MHz.  The magnetic mount design is an innovative solution for vehicle antenna users who want a temporary antenna mount. The design is optimal for users needing to move the antenna to a different vehicle or simply change the placement of the antenna on a vehicle.

Press Contact:
Laura Sargent
Marketing and Sales Associate
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