Pharad Introduces Polarization Specific Omni-directional MANET/MIMO Antennas

Tampa, FL – Today at SOFIC 2019 in Tampa, FL, Pharad introduced the world’s first comprehensive portfolio of polarization-specific antennas for MANET and MIMO radios.  Pharad has developed unique horizontally polarized omni-directional antennas that are gain matched to similar, vertically polarized antennas.  These antennas are offered in the L-, S-, and C-bands and can be installed on fixed or mobile radio equipment.  Mounting options include fixed, gooseneck, or spring bases that attach directly to MANET/MIMO radio equipment.

“Pharad is always on the forefront of innovative antenna design for mobile radio systems, including, inventing and patenting today’s wearable antenna technology.  Pharad’s engineering team has developed these uniquely polarized antennas that enhance MANET/MIMO radio network capability by allowing separate channels to occupy different polarizations within the same spectrum,” said Pharad President Austin Farnham. “We have seen huge growth in the deployment of MANET/MIMO radio networks and these Pharad invented antennas enable radio network operators to increase the return on their radio network investments.”

Pharad’s newest MANET/MIMO radio antennas operate in the Federal L-, S-, and C-bands as well as WiFi and ISM bands within these frequency ranges.

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