Pharad Expands Wearable Antenna Portfolio


GLEN BURNIE, MD – 09/08/11 –Pharad continues to expand its wearable antenna portfolio with the release of its 900 MHz ISM Wearable Antenna. This newly designed antenna is part of Pharad’s wearable antenna collection, which features body-worn antennas fabricated with a state-of-the-art thin flexible material that conforms to the user’s clothing. The unique form factor of the collection is made possible by incorporating Pharad’s patented Flextenna® flexible antenna technology.

“After spending several years investing in body wearable antenna R&D related activities, it is very satisfying to see our sales continue to grow significantly,” Pharad president Austin Farnham said. “Our Flextenna® technology not only sets us apart from others, but it allows Pharad to continue to expand its body wearable antenna portfolio. We now carry the largest selection of commercial-off-the-shelf wearable antennas available anywhere.”

The development of the Pharad 900 MHz ISM Wearable Antenna is in response to an increased customer demand for wearable antennas for ISM applications. The antenna’s performance has been optimized for the 900 – 930 MHz ISM band and offers full performance over a frequency range of 900 – 1000 MHz.

Pharad’s wearable antenna technology features a lightweight, unobtrusive design with flush mounting, which provides the user with a friendly alternative to stub or whip antennas. The wearable antennas allow communications link performance to be maintained without hindering the user’s vision or movement. The antenna can be integrated into body armor vest carriers, helmets, and other clothing and outer wear. Pharad also offers a range of integration options including covertly worn antennas, which allow first responders or special operations personnel to communicate without observable antennas.

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