Octane Wireless Named a Hidden Jewel

Pharad, LLC’s Octane Wireless brand was named a “hidden jewel” by the Microwave Journal in their August 2011 issue.

The Microwave Journal reviewed the recent IEEE MTT-S International Microwave Symposium and Exhibition (IMS) held on June 5-10 in Baltimore, MD. Pharad was among 601 exhibiting companies at the exhibition this year.

“One hidden jewel was wearable antennas by Octane Wireless that fit about any form factor using flexible antenna technology,” a Microwave Journal Staff-member wrote.

Pharad’s Octane Wireless brand was launched in 2008 following extremely favorable customer response for wearable technology. Pharad leads the industry in comprehensive commercial-off-the-shelf wearable antenna products supporting the primary communications and telematics services. The unique form factor of Pharad’s wearable antennas is made possible by incorporating Pharad’s patented Flextenna® flexible antenna technology.

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